Support Bundles

Now, you can elevate and streamline your travel experience with our service bundles intended to provide more comfort, convenience, and flexibility.

When to purchase a Support Bundle

Do you have a change of plans? Or maybe, your airline has announced an unexpected schedule change and you need to book a new flight?

Service bundle is the be-all and end-all choice in any unexpected situation that might come up before your departure. With Service Bundles, you’ll get the opportunity to make the required changes in a seamless way.

Moreover, it will help you save money shall any of the below situations happen:

Flight cancellation

Refund request

Ticket exchange

Schedule change

Basic, Standard, Plus. Everything you need to know

You’re welcome to choose between 3 various service bundles. Let’s take a closer look at each service plan and its features:

Support Bundle Type




Exchange & Refund processing fee

A fee for ticket changes outside 24 hours of booking



In addition to airline fees



In addition to airline fees



Only airline fees

24 hours cancellation

A fee for changing, canceling and refunding ticket within 24 hours of booking







Priority Assistance

A fee for assistance in rescheduling a trip in case of airline’s schedule changes


Not included





As you may have noticed, the Service Bundles, whether Standard or Plus, don’t extend towards change penalty or fare difference fees that Travel Suppliers may require.

Schedule change handling: the best way to deal with unexpected changes

When booking a trip, it’s essential to be aware of all the possible travel issues beforehand. Let’s find out more about a situation that occurs most frequently, a schedule change.

Essential Things You Should Know

What is a schedule change?

A schedule change implies any flight schedule involuntary modification made before the departure date.

When can it happen?

The most common reason is the urgent operational needs of an airline, but it can vary depending on the airline and departure.

We are here to help!

We will notify you if an airline schedule change impacts your booking and find alternative flight options that best suit your needs.

Why opt for the schedule change handling option?

When acquiring this option, you don’t even have to worry about dealing with sudden schedule changes made by your airline. So, from now on, Ovago becomes your advocate in resolving such an issue.

Our team will work with the airline to address the changes and provide you with new flight options to get you to the desired destination with no hassle!

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we usually get about our Support Bundles. If you would like yours answered, please contact us.

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Do you need more information?

If you’re still looking for additional information or in case you need emergency travel assistance, please contact us right away!

Bottom line

Life is continuously changing—especially when it comes to booking a trip. The offered service bundles will help you to prevent sudden expenses when unexpected circumstances come up. Moreover, it will bring you the most flexible booking experience and the most reliable customer support available for all your travel needs 24/7.