Wet Season in the Philippines Islands: Enjoy Unmatched Exclusivity at Affordable Rates from May to October 

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  • select the right destination
  • understand what to anticipate
  • adequately prepare for potential temporary inconveniences
  • remain open to embracing an alternative Plan B

Wet Season in the Philippines: 8 Compelling Reasons to Choose Flights to the Philippines for Your Amazing Getaway


1. Cebu: a Dynamic Travel Hub With Breathtaking Coastal Beauty


2. Bohol: Chocolate Hills, Cultural Celebrations, and Natural Wonders 


3. Palawan: a Collection of Philippines’ Finest Offerings

  • Puerto Princesa, the bustling capital of Palawan, is often the first stop for visitors to the island. As the only urbanized hub, it offers a vibrant culinary scene, lively nightlife, and a wide range of resorts and hotels. With its strategic location, Puerto Princesa serves as the perfect gateway to explore the many attractions of the region.
  • Coron is the ultimate destination for diving enthusiasts, offering unparalleled underwater exploration opportunities. Steeped in history, the waters surrounding Coron are adorned with sunken Japanese ships from World War II, now captivating sites for adventurous divers. Moreover, Coron boasts the mesmerizing Kayangan Lake, a pristine freshwater oasis encircled by surreal karst cliffs, its crystalline clarity inviting visitors into a world of wonder.
  • El Nido, the vivacious counterpart to tranquil Coron, vies for the title of Palawan’s premier beach destination. Renowned for its breathtaking shores, El Nido attracts a multitude of visitors seeking the epitome of tropical bliss. The area boasts an array of resorts and vibrant nightlife, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. However, keep in mind that the abundance of amenities also means a larger influx of tourists, potentially impacting the tranquility of the surroundings.

Manila During the Low Season: Explore Enthralling Indoor Escapes from the Rain

Essential Tips for Philippines Travel During the Low Season

tips for-philippines-travel-during-the-low-season

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