Why Ovago is a Reliable and Safe Platform to Book a Flight

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What is Ovago?

Why is Ovago so cheap?

  • Negotiating discounted bulk deals with airlines, leveraging our strong relationships with them.
  • Partnering with airlines and other travel suppliers to provide exclusive deals and promotions to our customers.
  • Utilizing price comparison tools that enable customers to compare fares across multiple airlines and booking sites.
  • Offering flexible booking options such as alternative dates or nearby airports, allowing customers to discover the most cost-effective travel options.

Is Ovago legit?


Ovago Security: 14 Layers of Assurance

  1. Website Security. Our servers employ web application firewalls and undergo regular security updates to ensure a secure hosting environment. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates encrypt data transmitted between the user’s browser and our server, safeguarding sensitive information like payment details. To make sure our service ensures secure data transfer, look for the lock icon or ‘https://’ in the URL.
  2. Secure Cloud Infrastructure. Our data and services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring reliability and disaster recovery with 24/7 security monitoring and certifications like SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. AWS data centers are monitored by 24X7 security, biometric scanning, and video surveillance.
  3. Data Permissions and Authentication. Access to customer data is restricted to authorized employees with multi-factor authentication and strong password policies.
  4. Customer Data Encryption. Data in transit is secured using HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) with a minimum certificate version of 1.2. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256 encryption.
  5. Incident Response. We have a comprehensive incident response plan covering preparation, detection, containment, recovery, and post-incident review to manage security incidents effectively.
  6. Security Team. Our dedicated security team ensures the constant review, testing, and maintenance of security and privacy policies. This includes actions like penetration tests, vulnerability scanning, code reviews, and monitoring infosec practices.
  7. Internal Policies. Our security policies have been meticulously crafted to address various security risks. These include the Data Classification Policy, SSDLC Policy, Disaster Recovery Policy, and more.
  8. Sensitive Data Confidentiality. All employees and contractors sign confidentiality agreements, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.
  9. Data Rights and Retention. We facilitate data subject rights requests and adhere to clear data retention policies to securely manage and dispose of customer data. For such requests, freely mail us at [email protected].
  10. Awareness Training. Employee awareness of security risks and responsibilities is continuously improved through training initiatives.
  11. Security Updates and Patching. We prioritize keeping software up to date with the latest security patches to address vulnerabilities and mitigate known threats.
  12. Fraud Prevention Solutions. Ovago employs cutting-edge methods to safeguard against fraudulent activities:
    • Our automated process continuously monitors and verifies actions to prevent fraud, using Forter, PAAY, Neutrino, and many more effective fraud prevention and risk assessment tools.
    • We utilize 3D Secure, a proven authentication method, to bolster security for online card transactions. 3D Secure adds an extra layer of security by reducing fraud in online card-not-present transactions, where traditional verification methods like signatures or chip & pin are not feasible.
    • We use advanced algorithms, machine learning (ML), and data analytics to enhance our fraud protection measures through activity logging, enabling us to identify fraudulent activities at an early stage.
  1. Safe Payments via Stripe. We ensure safe payments by partnering with Stripe. This is a reputable payment service known for its secure transaction processing and compliance with industry standards.
  2. Regulatory Adherence. We adhere to legal regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), ensuring that our data protection and security practices meet compliance standards.


  • You can confidently pay for our services! Payments via Stripe are considered safe because this service employs advanced encryption and security measures to protect sensitive payment information, ensuring secure transactions for both businesses and customers.
  • Your personal and payment data are secure! Hosting services and customer data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensure security through robust infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring, and compliance with industry standards, providing a secure environment for online service customers.
  • You can trust Ovago and assuredly use our services! We’re trusted by credible players in the travel industry. Priceline, Kayak, Booking.com, Cheapflights, ARC, VisaHQ, and Mozio are among our partners. Having served over 200,000 clients and completed over 230,000 travel service transactions, Ovago offers flights to destinations in over 180 countries. Our dedicated team comprises Ovago customer service representatives, cybersecurity specialists, travel agents, software engineers, data analysts, marketing professionals, and more. We take great pride in our expertise and unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch flight booking services.

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