How to Get Business Class Tickets for Cheap (Same Tips Apply to First Class)

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What is the Difference Between Business Class and First Class?


When is Flying Business or First Class Especially Beneficial?


How Much is Business Class vs. First Class?

  • Route and destination: Popular routes and destinations may have higher demand, resulting in higher ticket prices. Additionally, the distance and duration of the flight can affect the cost.
  • Time of booking: Booking well in advance or taking advantage of promotional fares, such as those offered by Ovago, can lead to lower prices. Conversely, booking closer to the departure date may result in higher fares.
  • Flexibility: Travelers who require flexibility in their travel dates and times may encounter higher prices. While flexible tickets that allow changes or cancellations are very convenient, they typically come at a premium compared to non-flexible fares.
  • Seasonality: Traveling during peak seasons, holidays, or special events may result in higher prices due to increased demand.
  • Market conditions: Economic factors, fluctuations in fuel prices, and competition with other airlines can impact ticket prices.
  • Aircraft type: The type of aircraft utilized for the flight, along with the cabin configuration and amenities offered, can also influence the cost of the ticket.

Vital Fact to Know Before Exploring How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets (or First Class)

  • Consult the airline or websites like to check seat types
  • Read reviews from Skytrax, which annually ranks airlines by class
  • Check trusted platforms like TripAdvisor and Airline Quality
  • Use “Where the Widebodies Are” if you want a lie-flat bed on a domestic premium class flight. Enter your departure airport, airline, and/or departure date, then submit to see routes with wide-body aircraft, which are more likely to have lie-flat seats. 

Affordable and Reliable Ways to Book Business Class Flights (and First Class)

1. Earn Points and Miles Quickly With a Travel Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

  • Airline cards: Popular airline cards include United℠ Explorer Card and Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card. They offer reasonable annual fees and valuable travel benefits that can offset the cost, particularly for those who travel a few times a year.
  • General travel cards: For more flexibility in redeeming miles for award flights, consider a general travel card like Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Unlike airline-specific cards, this affordable card allows you to book flights with various carriers, not just one brand.
  • Club World: 60,000 Avios
  • World Traveller Plus: 40,000 Avios
  • Upgrade Cost: 20,000 Avios
  • The number of points or miles required for a domestic or short-haul flight tends to be less than for an international or long-haul flight. 
  • Upgrading directly from economy to first class is generally not allowed on three-cabin aircraft – passengers must first upgrade to business class and then to first class.
  • Many airlines permit direct upgrades from standard economy to business class, particularly on long-haul international flights. 
  • Some airlines may require sequential upgrades, moving from economy to premium economy and then to business class. 

2. Explore Other Strategies to Accumulate More Points and Miles

  • Authorized User Bonuses: Some credit cards offer extra points for adding an authorized user. If you’re comfortable adding a partner or a trustworthy, college-age child, this can earn you additional points. Remember, however, you’re responsible for their charges.
  • Referral Bonuses: Some cards provide thousands of bonus points if friends are approved using your referral link. Check your contacts for friends or family who might apply.
  • Additional Spending Bonuses: Cards often offer bonus points for ongoing spending, such as “Earn an extra 20,000 points for every $2,000 spent this year.” These offers can be very lucrative if you don’t get a better rate elsewhere.
  • Shopping Portals: Use online shopping portals linked to loyalty programs or frequent flier programs. They can earn you extra points and miles for purchases you were planning to make anyway.

3. Research Both: Prices and Upgrade Options


4. Score a Bargain with Ovago

5. Be as Flexible as You Can

  • Domestic travel: Sundays and Mondays are the most expensive days to start domestic trips. Saturdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest. If you can’t fly on the cheapest days, consider Tuesdays or Fridays, as fares are about 12% lower than peak Sunday prices.
  • For international travel, Wednesdays and Saturdays are typically the cheapest days to depart. For example, flying to Europe on a Wednesday can save you about 10% compared to the most expensive day, Friday. 
  • Public holiday travel: The best day to fly is often further from the holiday. If a holiday is on a Monday, flying the Tuesday before is likely cheaper than flying the Friday before. Additionally, flying on the holiday itself, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, is usually more affordable than the surrounding days.

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