Travel Protection

Nobody is warned of unforeseen circumstances that might come up at any time. So either you’re going to visit your family, relax or explore new cultures—you should always be prepared to deal with unexpected situations.


What is a Travel Protection Plan?

The top option to consider to avoid any obstacles preventing you from discovering new places and feeling secure when going on a trip!


Travel Protection Plan is an extra service option offered along with a ticket during a booking process.

The Plan implies a lot of advantageous options allowing you to cover unexpected damages. Thus, it can become precious when it comes to different unpredictable situations (mishandled baggage, trip cancellation, or flight interruption) that might affect your trip.

Besides, it offers you promotional deals for your next flight and advanced concierge services, intending to provide you with exceptional assistance and handling any of your requests in the shortest time possible.

Travel Protection as a unique cost-effective solution

Here is a brief overview of benefits you get when purchasing the Plan:

Our Travel Protection Plan lets you take advantage of the most flexible refund options, advantageous deals and promotions, and five-star customer service—everything you need for taking an unforgettable trip!

Refunding options

Get compensated in case of unplanned flight cancellation or health concerns.


Discount for your next flight

Receive a $25.00 discount for your next purchase with us, available within a year after its issuance date.


Mishandled baggage assistance

Get immediate support if your baggage checked at the airport has been lost or misdirected.


Free exchange

Exchange your tickets in case of a missed flight or connection for free.


Premium concierge service

Handling any of your requests: arranging special meals and seats and finding the best alternative flight options.

The way it works

Follow these two simple steps to acquire and use our Travel Protection Plan.

Add the Travel Protection Plan to your order.

This extra option is available at the time of booking.

Start taking advantage of the Plan.

Once it’s purchased, you get access to all its perks!

Why we recommend you purchase Travel Protection Plan

The plan is not one more expense that doesn't have significant value. It can cover you at each step of your travel, giving you an extra layer of security.


Preventing you from unexpected costs

When acquiring the Travel Protection Plan, we'll do our best to prevent you from unexpected costs incurred before or during your travel. This way, you'll have a chance to save some money.


Protecting your travel investments

Travel Protection Plan helps you protect your travel investments in such situations as flight cancellation and interruption, medical expense and hospitalization, lost or delayed baggage, and more.


Offering you additional bonuses

Moreover, it offers you extra bonuses, including a premium concierge service providing you with exceptional assistance and a discount for your next flight!

How should it be used?

The process differs depending on the chosen option. However, each request must be submitted to our Support Team at least 24 hours before the flight scheduled departure.

Send your requests with the appropriate documents and proofs to our Customer Care team via the Contact us form, by email at [email protected], or simply give us a call at any time you need.

To get acquainted with the well-detailed requirements for each case and to find out the latest updates on the Plan, please refer to our Travel Protection Plan policy.


What does the Travel Protection Plan cover?

Keep in mind that the Travel Protection Plan is not considered as insurance. Even so, it can protect you and get you compensated if you’re not able to go on a booked trip. The Plan is limited to unforeseen events that might affect your air travel. The list of situations subject to the Travel Protection Plan includes the following:

  • Flight delay
  • Trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances* or airline bankruptcy
  • Inability to fly due to a documented medical reason (hospitalization or sickness)
  • Lost or misdirected baggage

* Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, thunderstorms, blizzards, volcanic eruptions, high winds, excessive precipitation, wildfires, and other natural disorders, or civil disorder and unrest, political instability, quarantine, aircraft maintenance problems, and security issues. The list of events falling within the Travel Protection Plan can be modified at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we usually get about our Travel Protection option. If you would like yours answered, please contact us.

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Do you need more information?

If you’re still looking for additional information or in case you need emergency travel assistance, please contact us right away!

Bottom line

Traveling to different countries is always an incredible experience that will bring you new emotions and unforgettable moments. However, at the same time, current realities had to be also taken into consideration. While the situation changes every day, the best way to maintain the stability of your travel plans is to protect yourself with the appropriate insurance. And our Travel Protection is exactly what you need to get around any unexpected changes and circumstances that can prevent you from going on a dream trip!