Protezione di viaggio

Whether you’re going to visit your family, relax or explore new cultures – you should always be ready for unexpected situations.

Cos’è un piano di Protezione di viaggio?

La migliore opzione da considerare per evitare qualsiasi ostacolo che ti impedisca di scoprire nuovi posti e sentirti sicuro quando vai in viaggio.

Travel Protection Plan is an extra service option offered along with a ticket during the booking process.

The Plan comes with many useful options allowing you to cover unexpected damages. It can become a real money-saver in unpredictable circumstances (mishandled baggage, trip cancellation, or flight interruption) that might affect your journey.

It also offers promotional deals for your next flight and premium concierge services, bringing top-class assistance and priority to all your requests.

Travel Protection as a Unique Cost-
Effective Solution

Here is a brief overview of the benefits included with the plan

Our Travel Protection Plan is a perfect combination of the most flexible refund options, valuable deals and excellent customer service.

Mishandled Baggage Assistance

Immediately receive assistance to locate and retrieve your checked baggage lost or misdirected by the airline.

100% refundable ticket

Receive full compensation on unused tickets due to natural disasters, airline bankruptcy or passenger hospitalization and inability to take the trip.

Premium Concierge Service

Receive priority handling of all your requests, from arranging special meals and seats to finding the best flight options if anything changes.

Discount for your next flight

Receive a $25.00 discount for your next purchase with us, available within a year after its issuance date.

Free Ticket Exchange

Waive the exchange fee if a passenger misses departure due to airline schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances 

What Does the Travel Protection
Plan Cover?

Please note that Travel Protection Plan is not considered an insurance. However, it can cover your costs and get you compensated if you can not make it on your booked trip. The Plan is limited to unforeseen events that might affect your travel. The list of situations is subject to the Travel Protection Plan and includes the following.

Travel Basic

No Protection

Refundable ticket:

100% refund due to flight cancellation or natural disasters.

100% refund due to Airline bankruptcy.

100% refund due to the passenger’s inability to take the trip due to hospitalization.

50% refund of fully unused tickets due to sickness.

A request must be sent to our support team within 24 hours of flight cancellation.
For requests due to sickness, you will need to provide a certificate from a doctor stating the period when you cannot travel


Free ticket exchange in case of a missed flight or missed connection:

Free ticket exchange offered if passenger misses departure due to airline schedule changes or unforeseen circumstances.


Premium concierge services:

We will waive the processing fee for regular ticket changes or cancellations if a passenger is unable to make their trip for any reason.

Our guarantee to find the best available flight options in case of reservation changes.

Assistance with special services and meal requests.

Our guarantee to handle and resolve your requests within 3 days.

This service is only available for requests submitted at least 24 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
Please note that airline fees and fare differences might apply. Our processing fees are waived only for the first change of the protected reservation.


Mishandled baggage:

This service provides travelers immediate assistance to locate and retrieve any checked baggage that has been lost or misdirected by the airline.


Discount voucher for future purchases:

Receive a $25.00 voucher for your next purchase with us. Valid for one year after its issuance date. Can be transferred and used by any third party.


No Protection

No coverage for your trip

How Does it Work?

The process of acquiring and activating the Travel Protection Plan
consists of three simple steps:


Add the Travel Protection Plan to your shopping cart during the checkout process

The plan is available for purchase only at the time of booking


Check that Travel Protection Plan status is displayed on your ticket receipt

If you’ve successfully acquired the plan – it is now active


Contact our team If any unexpected issues arise

For the airline issues, we will contact you first about the compensation

How Should it Be Used?

The process depends on your required option, as each comes with a specific scenario. However, each request must be submitted to our support team at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we usually get about our Travel Protection Plan. Please contact us If you can’t find the answer to your question here.

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Do you need more information?

If you’re still looking for additional information or in case you need emergency travel assistance, please contact us right away!

Bottom line

Travel Protection Plan covers your travel investments in situations like flight cancellation and interruption, unexpected medical expenses and hospitalization, lost or delayed baggage and more.