Automatic Check-in

Got tired of waiting in long lines to check in for your flight? We’ve got an excellent alternative for you to save your valuable time and let you enjoy more relaxed travel!

What is Automatic Check-in?

We have designed this extra option to help you avoid airport hassle and long wait lining up at check-in counters.

The main advantage of our Automatic Check-in is that you won’t be needing to check in manually anymore. Instead, we’ll do all the legwork for you.

When opting for this option, we will take care of checking you in for the scheduled flight on our own and sending the boarding passes directly to your email address 24 hours before the departure.

Also, this option gives you the possibility to select the most preferred seats on your own that will be automatically assigned to each flight. That way, you will save time and fly as comfortably as possible.

Automatic Check-in as a go-to solution

Here is a brief overview of benefits you get when acquiring this extra option:

It’s a perfect solution for couples or groups to skip lining up separately and go to one common line.

Your e-boarding pass will be available for download on any device of your choice.

Your check-in will be handled and made promptly, saving you time and effort on manual registration.

You’re always welcome to select the most convenient seats on an airplane for your flight journey.

The way it works

Let’s find out how to use the Automatic Check-in:

Add to order

Add the Automatic Check-in option to your order at the time of booking

Select seat

Set your seat preferences or rely on our team to choose the most comfortable ones for you

Get boarding pass

Get your boarding pass at your email address 24 hours before your flight

Download on device

Bring it with you to the airport, printed out or downloaded on your device

What Else You Need to Know

Even though it’s possible to select seats on your own for all the passengers you’re traveling with, we can’t guarantee that your seats will be arranged next to each other. But we assure you that we’ll do our best to meet your request.

You have to reach the airport no later than 3 hours before your departure to check in your baggage. If you choose to travel light, make your way to the boarding gate with the printed or downloaded boarding pass.

Sometimes airlines don’t let us check you in on your behalf. But no worries – if it happens, we’ll inform you about it straight away via email and refund you the total price paid for the service. In this case, you will have to check in personally at the airport.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions we usually get about our Automatic Check-in option. If you would like yours answered, please contact us.

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Do you need more information?

If you’re still looking for additional information or in case you need emergency travel assistance, please contact us right away!

Bottom line

Whether you’re a person with everything under control, a small extra help never hurts, though. When you opt for checking in automatically using our extra option, you get rid of the superfluous cares and worries connected with registration at the airport. This way, the pre-flight period stops being full of fuss and hurry. Instead, it will become a great time to have some rest and simply relax before beginning your incredible journey.