Your Essential Guide to the Venice Carnival 2024

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When: 3-13 February 2024.

Where: Venice, Italy.

Average Temperature: 4°C (39.2°F) to 10°C (50°F).

Where to stay: Lorenzo Lion Garden, Ponte Storto, Hotel Bisanzio, Hotel Al Malcanton.

Attractions: During the Venice Carnival 2024, daytimes are bustling with free public events, captivating street acts, and dazzling costumes. Evenings bring enchanting masquerade balls in Venetian Palaces, operas, and re-enactments. Unique tours and workshops, like mask-making and glass blowing, offer immersive experiences. Central to it all is St Mark’s Square, hosting live shows and the famed ‘Flight of the Angel’.

Budget: Depending on your accommodation choice and activities, budgets can vary. Staying in neighborhoods like Santa Croce or Dorsoduro can be more budget-friendly, while areas like San Marco might be on the higher end due to their central locations.

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Venice Carnival 2024: What to See and Do




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