Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) plan

The OVAGO Cancel for Any Reason plan is the second package offered in addition to the airline ticket cost. Once chosen, it allows the customer(s) to request ticket cancellation without any documentation and receive a partial refund under the below terms:

  • The cancellation request must be made with our Customer Care department via chat, phone, or ‘Contact us’ form at least 24 hours prior to your first scheduled departure.
  • The plan does not apply to tickets changed or canceled directly with the airline. In such cases, the plan is to be considered consumed.
  • Once the 24 hours prior to the first departure limit has been passed, the Plan will be considered consumed and airline-imposed fare rules will apply.
  • The costs associated with Cancel for Any Reason plan are non-refundable.
  • The cancellation request affects the entire reservation and can not be applied to an individual flight segment.
  • Once a valid cancellation request is received, the customer will receive 100% of the ticket cost as an airline flight credit or as cash.
  • The flight credit shall be claimed directly with OVAGO or the applicable airline and can be used only within one year of the original ticket issuance date.
  • At the time the Customer uses the flight credit, it shall be applied towards an airline ticket with the same airline as the plating carrier, with the same departure and destination as the originally booked ticket, and OVAGO will cover any change fees; however, if the cost of the new flight is more than of the cost of the original ticket, then—the customer will be responsible for covering and paying the cost(s) of the difference in fares.
  • The plan does not cover any additional purchases related to the ticket expenses (pre-selected seats, additional baggage, insurance packages, etc.). Such expenses will not be refunded.
  • The plan will be considered consumed once the trip has started; it does not offer mid-trip coverage.
  • A refund under the given plan will be issued within 15 days of receiving the request. Money will be credited to the original form of payment.
  • The plan is considered used and non-refundable in the case of full refunds being issued by the airline due to involuntary flight cancellation because of airline schedule changes, irregular operations, or other Unforeseen Circumstances.

"Unforeseen circumstances" means any extraordinary event that can be described as any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of an airline. For example, but not as a limitation, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, thunderstorms, blizzards, volcanic eruptions, high winds, excessive precipitation, wildfires, other natural disorders, civil disorder and unrest, political instability, quarantine, aircraft maintenance problems, and security issues.

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